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Whether your business is large or small, chances are that working with a call center or telemarketing company can save you time and money. Call centers can be used for a wide variety of services ranging from technical support queries, to order taking, as well as direct marketing of your business or products to thousands of potential customers. By using a call center your company can expand your business by winning sales, increasing customer loyalty and building prospect lists. is your one stop source for quotes from the best call centers in the United States. Each of our partners employ highly skilled live operators who speak English as a first language as well as a management staff to ensure that the center runs smoothly and that staff, clients and customers are all kept happy. Not to mention that Call centers can deliver much higher sales conversion rates than the response typically achieved by direct or email marketing. Everyone likes to hear a friendly human voice on the other end of the phone instead of trying to talk to a robot. Having a live operator to listen to complaints, or answer questions etc can make all the difference to your clients. After all, without them you would have no business.

Using a call center will allow you to focus on other key areas of your business; you can put your energy into designing that new product, showing new products to investors or managing other resources efficiently. Fill out the short form above, and start getting your call center quotes immediately!

Advantages of using a Call Center or Teleservice Center:
* Better customer service * Increased conversion rates and sales
* Lower overhead * Set sales appointments
* Increased customer loyalty * Building prospect lists
* Build targeted sales databases * Increase ROI
* 24/7 Help desk

* Better qualified leads
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  • Any service in which the Consumer initiates contact with your business requires INBOUND assistance.

  • Inbound Call Centers provide a wide array of services for all business types, and for all call volumes. Customer Service, Processing Orders and Qualifying those Inbound Calls are the more commonly known service types provided by an INBOUND Call Center. You may also be looking for assistance with Technical Support or Scheduling Appointment, or simply a live operator to always answer your phone.

  • When in doubt of the type of Call Center assistance needed, just ask yourself “WHO is initiating the contact?”
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  • Any service which require the Call Center to initiate the customer contact requires OUTBOUND assistance.

  • Telemarketing Services deal solely with OUTBOUND calling.

  • Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and the Sale your Products/ Services are the more commonly known service types provided by an Outbound Call Center. Other services may include Data Base Updating, Conducting Surveys or Research, Public Announcements,and Fundraising.

  • If you’re still not sure, just ask yourself “WHO is initiating the contact?”
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* Inbound or Outbound Services
* Bi-Lingual Services
* Order Taking & Fulfillment
* Toll Free Customer Service
* Email or Direct Response
* Conference & Registration
* Live Receptionists
* 24 Hour Live Help Desk
* Emergency Response
* Third Party Verification
* Surveys
* Medical Answering Services
* Appointment Setting
* Contact Center Solutions