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When the first credit cards were issued in 1914 to a few of Western Union's best customers, no one would have ever guessed that circulation would grow from a handful of credit cards and a few dollars of credit to over 640 million credit cards in circulation within the United States and about $800 Billion in credit card balances according to the US Federal Reserve.

The demand for credit, and credit card processing continues to grow based largely on the ever expanding world of e-commerce and business to business transactions. Whether you are doing business on-line, face to face, or by phone, the ability to accept and process credit card has become a necessary element in almost any industry.

We carefully screen each of our providers, and work with only the top names in credit card processing and merchant acounts to ensure that you, and your clients get the best service possible. Get free quotes for card processing and merchant account rates, and get started processing credit cards now!

Why Process Credit Cards?

* Over 640 million credit cards in circulation in the U.S. .
* 99% of all business done online is done via credit cards.
* Accepting credit cards is an important sign of trust for business.
* Provides legitimacy as well as consumer protection.
* Credit card acceptance has shown a 10%-80% sales increase.
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