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Credit card processing providers come in many varieties, with each company offering their own spin on particular services and abilities. To select the best credit card processing company for your business, there are a few different factors you will want to consider. Cost per month (the monthly fee you pay to use the service) and startup cost (the cost of beginning your contract, sort of like how you pay to register at a gym when you start your membership, in addition to monthly fees) are probably two of the biggest factors customers will use in making their decision about which credit card processing provider to use, but there are other elements which should also be considered.

What kind of time lag does a provider have between when you register for an account and when you're ready to start swiping your customer's cards? How does their customer service rate? (Remembering that if your machine goes down, you will be unable to process your customer's cards until the company comes to fix your equipment, and if the problem is at their end of the modem then you want them to be able to provide quick, effortless customer care from their end.) Does your provider offer internet-based service or features, like checking account balances or allowing you to apply online for an account with them? What kind of equipment do they offer, and how does a swipe-/P.O.S. based system integrate into the customer service solutions you already have in place?

Small businesses may also be concerned about the required monthly and transaction fees, which can vary by several tenths of a percentage point across either internet or retail based businesses, and most providers have a monthly minimum charge which is rolled into their monthly fees. There are also fees for address verification features.

Most credit card processing providers offer Credit Card Fraud protection, and accept major brands of credit cards, so these are not primary concerns when looking at what kind of credit card processing provider you want to use (although it's good to keep in mind that if you exclude a certain card, you may be excluding customers who would happily spend money at your business).

One excellent way to start looking for what credit card processing provider is right for you is to look into various credit card processing providers online and seeing how their current customers feel about the service they have received. There are a number of websites which provide these kinds of reviews, although you may be overwhelmed with the choices available and therefore want to start your search with a basic idea of four or five companies which suit the kind of business you run, your customer interfaces, your budget for monthly minimums and transaction fees (keep in mind that internet-based transaction fees are generally higher than retail ones by at least a percentage point) and your needs for support from your credit card processing provider.

Credit card processing providers make up an enormous industry, full of pitfalls for the new consumer. By educating yourself on the pros and cons of each company, you can find a great match that suits all the needs of your business. Receive up to 5 quotes individually customized to meet your needs simply clicking on the button below and filling out a quick form.


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