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Plastic - that is, credit cards - is a huge part of today's economy. Whether a purchase is large or small, any indication that a business runs "cash only" - that they don't accept credit cards at all - can turn off valuable customers and prevent sales. By offering customers the choice to pay for their purchases with credit and debit cards, businesses make it easier for their customers to do two things: give in to spur-of-the-moment purchasing decisions, and budget over a longer period of time to ensure they can afford what they purchase. Both these options mean that accepting credit card payments leads to a business being able to take advantage of increased sales and increased customer relationships, which in turn can lead to valuable word-of-mouth advertising and ultimately, even higher sales.

Some businesses look at the option to process credit cards as a burden - increased paperwork and fees from credit card processing providers can make this seem, to the small business owner, like an unattractive option for accepting payments. But once the initial setup of an account is completed, many businesses will be surprised to see how their sales and profits increase with the ability to process credit cards.

Credit cards hold a higher level of security than personal check, and limit the amount of cash on the premises at your business. For internet retailers, not accepting credit card payments means they restrict themselves to Paypal or personal check, requiring these retailers to either wait for checks to clear before mailing purchases (a wait time which is unacceptable to many internet users) or else deal with Paypal's additional fees and hoops (plus the popular feeling that Paypal is meant more for auction and small retailers than for large companies, which is in general the image most would rather project). By working directly with a credit card processing provider to process credit card purchases, retailers make it easier for their customers to part with their money and purchase your goods or services.

In today's world, businesses must be prepared to accept payment in many forms, from many sources - processing credit cards allows your business to take advantage of out of state business and even international customers who are interested in your product (although shipping products out of the country comes with its own complications, such as customs and duties, which although generally paid by the customer are not to be ignored).

Setting up a method by which to process credit cards is not as daunting as it might seem at first, since a number of services exist online to offer evaluations and reviews of these companies. To help navigate the maze of credit card processing providers, retailers can do research and read evaluations from their current clients to help find the company that is best for them, looking at factors like monthly fees, transaction fees, setup time, customer support options, and additional similar requirements. The important thing is that a business really consider their options for processing credit cards before diving in with a contract, so they're well-educated on the topic.

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