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Call centers come in many shapes and sizes, offering a plethora of services for businesses of any size. Once you decide that your business could use the assistance of a call center, you should consider a number of factors in choosing which call center best provides for your needs.

These factors will include, not just the services your business requires, but the cost of the service and the way in which they charge for the service (per call, by the hour, at a fixed rate contract for a specified amount of time) but also the sort of services they offer.

Do you need inbound or outbound services for your business, i.e. will the call center be receiving calls for you or making calls (such as surveys or bill collections)? Are your customers bi-lingual? If you own a retail or wholesale business, do you need your call center to be a place where order taking & fulfillment take place?

Service industry businesses have a different set of questions that may present themselves, revolving around whether they need toll free customer service (which allows customers to call for support without charge, thus encouraging them to interact with your business), or are you a company that needs 24 hour live help desk support to make sure your customers are never without the helping hand they need? Remember that if you offer a specialized service, your support needs are likely to be more intensive and require more training (thus making them more expensive), although you will probably still save money over using an in-house, full-time team.

Medical call centers can assist everyone from doctors in need of a medical answering service for appointment setting or long-distance consultations to providing emergency response assistance. Again, these specialized services may cost more (although by using a call center you will still most likely save money over the long term).

If your business wants live receptionists or conference & registration assistance, then you will most likely want to take even more time to get to know the style and feel of the call center you are considering before you make your decision. Both these fields offer the opportunity for significant client contact before your potential client has decided to use you for their service, and so it is vital that the call center's live receptionists provide a warm and customer service oriented impression to your clients. This is also important in tele sales, since the key here is getting your potential client to stay on the phone long enough to hook them with the pitch for your product.

Cost is always a major factor when making the decision to use a call center for any of the above services. Make sure that the call center rep you speak with is able to provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what their center offers and exactly what you can expect to pay for their services. If this isn't possible, or if the call center rep doesn't seem like someone you want to do business with on a regular basis, then move on – there are plenty of other options out there, and the call center you select will be the face of your business to the most important people you have – your clients.

Contact center solutions can significantly help a business reduce costs and improve their services while allowing full time employees the time to focus on the needs of your client. Now that you know how to choose a call center, just fill out the form below to find the best call center for your needs!


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